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Why Personal Finance Matters

Personal finance success and woes have far-reaching effects in all areas of life. Stress about money is the number one concern of Americans and can affect relationships, work performance, and overall health and wellness.

According to recent statistics

  • 21% of Americans have no retirement savings.


  • 1 in 4 Americans admits they do not pay their bills on time.


  • 62% have had credit card debt in the past year.


  • The majority are still living paycheck to paycheck regardless of income.


In order to help people live more complete lives, they must be provided with the education and tools to make sound financial decisions. Good personal finance content can do just that.

Wendy Coop

Meet Wendy

Wendy Coop is the CEO of Coop Creative Consulting LLC. She creates personal finance content for companies and publications. She is also a personal finance and motivational speaker.

Wendy is also a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, the University of Baltimore, and the Community College of Baltimore County (Phi Theta Kappa) in addition to being a veteran and military spouse.


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