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How to Save Money on Groceries: Groceries for Two

You might think that the grocery budget would be super easy with only two of you. The truth is you’ve found yourself eating out more than you care, and those meal kits look really tempting. As inflation continues to hit everyone’s wallet, I don’t want you to feel left out

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How to Get your Free Credit Report

Some people say “ignorance is bliss” and “what you don’t know won’t hurt you.” Those mantras do not apply when it comes to your credit report and the information contained in it. Banks and other financial institutions use the information on these reports to decide whether or not you get

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How to Make Money on Valentine’s Day

Ah, romance is in the air whether you’re planning to spend it at home, out with friends, or with your significant other. For some, it means spending money on gifts, flowers, chocolates, rings, and food. For others, it’s a time to make some money from the holiday. Here are my

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What Are Sinking Funds? Basic Finance for Everyone

There’s an often-overlooked component of the budget and that piece is called sinking funds. But what exactly are sinking funds and how does that work for your budget especially when your budget is already tight? In this post, we’ll explore how sinking funds work and how you can go about

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3 Lessons I Learned From Creating a Budget

When many people hear the word “budget” they may have a number of reactions, mostly negative. After all, who wants to be tied down to this evil thing as opposed to living their life to the full? At least, that’s the lie we tell ourselves. We also tell ourselves that

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Is a $1000 Baby Emergency Fund Enough?

If you’re a fan of Dave Ramsey or heard him speak for about 5 minutes, you’ll know that he is a financial coach who uses his system of “Baby Steps” to help people get out of debt and gain control over their finances. The first step in the system is

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