Wendy Coop, founder and CEO of Wendy Stewart Consulting, LLC, is a Business Launch Strategist specializing in helping military spouses take their businesses from idea to implementation. As a former naval officer as well as a veteran and military spouse, Wendy has vast experience in navigating the distinct nuances of business in military environments.

As a graduate of the United States Naval Academy as well as holding a degree in Business Administration from University of Baltimore, Wendy has the unique skill of synthesizing the systems and efficiencies of launching a business within the military framework. This, coupled with having the experience of launching several businesses of her own, has made Wendy a rising star within this sector.

Wendy has optimized the process of launching new businesses into an effective, efficient, easy to follow approach. Utilizing her skills as a comedian, pastor and teacher, Wendy delivers a unique, fun and engaging experience when teaching the business launch process. Best known for her witty and streamlined method for instructing, Wendy now teaches her signature system, The B.A.S.E. Business Launch System, to military spouses seeking to create online businesses.

Wendy’s military and business knowledge coupled with her leadership and teaching experience allows her to deliver high quality, highly organized and effective trainings via her signature programs for military spouses seeking to launch businesses.

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