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I’m pleased to announce Confident Clarity is live! This course is designed to give you a viable business idea, vision, and confidence to pursue your own profitable, sustainable, and portable business. You can even use it to get clarity in your career!

I've been wanting to start a business since I got out of the Navy in 2004. I read all of the books I could get my hands on — free and paid — to explore a number of businesses I could run from home. Some of the businesses I considered were:

  • gift basket business
  • photography
  • motivational speaker
  • managing other speakers
  • producing events with speakers
  • stand up comedy
  • YouTuber
  • personal trainer
  • group fitness instructor
  • freelance writer
  • wedding planner
  • event planner
  • party planner (yes, they are all separate things)
  • wedding officiant
  • blogger
  • social media manager
  • social media trainer/consultant
  • web designer

…you get the idea!

While I went through a ton of ideas, what I lacked was a clear understanding of my skill set as it related to this businesses as well as a clear understanding of what I wanted to do.

When I left the Navy everyone told me I would be okay because of where I went to school and the fact that I was a naval officer. But that didn't really tell me what I would be good at. The only things I knew was that I was pretty good at communications (having been the communications officer on my ship and from civilian experience) and that I was a pretty good manager. I didn't have an industry preference, but I didn't even know I needed to pick an industry on top of figuring out what I wanted to do with my life!

I needed confidence and I needed clarity.

I bounced around from job to job and adding a second BS degree and an associate's degree to my resume before really sitting down to take inventory of my desires, skills, and look at what people typically come to me for. But it took a $2000 course to get me started in that direction!

You don't have to pay $2000 like I did. Why? Because I've taken the essential steps to get you on your way and that's the only thing I concentrate on in my course, “Confident Clarity.”

Enroll now to take advantage of the fast action bonus of 50% off the course. You will have lifetime access and will receive all future updates!

Don't waste more time trying to figure out what you really want to do. Get confident and get clarity today!

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Confident Clarity is open! Get your fast action bonus now!

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