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How many of you would feel 100% more productive if you had a “proper” home office? I know I thought so! After all, I was tired of sitting on a cushion on the floor and propping my computer on the coffee table to get work done.

I made it work because I had to. I didn’t want to invest into too much because furniture can be expensive! Then I started looking through sites (you know one of them was Apple) and found it was not as expensive at all. And I’m all about saving money!

After I totaled the cost, everything came up to less than $400 and I was thrilled. Of course you don’t need to get everything in my setup (needs may vary) but you will be set up to record videos, podcasts, write blogs, compose pitches, etc. Everything you need for not a lot of money.

The best part? You can buy what you need over time! That’s what I did. Trust me in that we didn’t go out and buy everything at the same time. If you can, great, if not, that’s okay as well.

Below is a list of what you see in the photo and where you can get the same or similar items. Some of these links are affiliate links and that means I may make money if you click through the link at no additional cost to you. Hey, I’ve got to keep up my Starbucks addiction!

Home office set up:

  1. Samtian 14 Ring Light; $69.99 on Amazon
  2. Neewer Desktop Suspension Boom for Webcam; $17.99 on Amazon
  3. Logitech C922x ProStream Webcam; $73.99 on Amazon
  4. Blue Snowball USB Microphone (white); $44.88 on Amazon
  5. Writing Computer Desk Folding Laptop Table; $59.88 on Amazon
  6. Amazon Basics Swivel Chair with armrests; $59.83 on Amazon
  7. Inspirational Wall Art: Straighten Your Crown; $9.95 on Amazon, You Are Braver than You Believe; $12.99 on Amazon, and Don’t Look Back; $11.99 on Amazon

Total: $361.49!

Happy shopping!


P.S. Don’t forget to join the launch list! Big things are happening and I don’t want you to miss out on any of it!

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