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As a military spouse and disabled veteran, there are many advantages to me working from home.

1. I can take time off when my disabilities flare up.

2. I can avoid silly office drama, politics, and gossip.

3. No cubicles (I’m not about that life).

4. My income isn’t affected by my husband’s military career.

5. I can contribute to the household without leaving home.

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Okay, so I really only wrote five reasons, but they are huge reasons. Flexibility with my time in addition to creating a great income is an awesome idea. Can it be done? Yes. Are you wondering how? Let’s look at that.

In reality, to have a business portable enough to make it through PCS orders and be location-independent. You’ll likely be running some sort of online business. The form it takes is up to you. The options may seem overwhelming, but opportunities usually fall into the following categories:

1. Consulting/Coaching

2. E-commerce

3. Services/Freelancing

In other words, whether you want to be a life coach, offer online tech support, or sell trinkets through Shopify, your business will fall into one of the above categories.

My business is blogging. Specifically, helping military spouses with all of the business information I have picked up over the years to be able to create a sustainable, livable income by working from home. (I hope that’s why you’re here!) I picked it because I’m a good writer (at least that’s what other people tell me) and I’ve been a paid blogger before for a local site in Baltimore. Since 2008 I’ve made it my business to learn about website design and have created multiple blogs and website in pursuit of various interests. I consider myself to have an unofficial MBA in blogging.

In this case, a blog would fall under services/freelancing because I’m ultimately selling my writing to the reader and companies. You can see some of the other writing I’ve done by checking out my “Writing” page. Eventually, I will add more affiliate links and my own products and services to diversify my income but you and I will discuss that more in later posts.

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Most people making serious money from blogging are doing it in one of two ways:

1. Affiliate income (recommending someone else’s product or service for a paid commission)

2. Sales of your own products

That’s really it.

Because blogging is my specialty, I’ll be concentrating this site on making a sustainable, livable income in this manner. Occasionally I will bring in guests who can speak to you about the other forms of online business, but I will stick with what I know.

What’s My Goal?

At the moment, my goal is to replace what I make through part-time rideshare driving and a part-time job. At the moment the figure is $2500/month which does not take into account the money I already receive as a disabled veteran. This figure will adjust over time as my husband and I fine tune our budget and take his salary into more account. However, if I lived alone, $2500/month is a safe figure for me so I believe it can only help our new household.

What About You?

So, dear reader, what’s your goal? Why are you here? We all get to this point for various reasons and I want to hear your dreams and goals! Are you also a parent? Is your spouse stationed overseas? What is driving you to create this income? Drop a line below and let me know!


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