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You may already have an idea for your blog topic. Most people don’t at this point. Even if you think you know, don’t skip this step because there is still valuable information here.

Have you ever heard the saying, “The richesare in the niches?” It’s often quoted for a reason and this is important whether or not you plan to monetize your blog. (If it’s only for your mom to read then you really can just skip this section.)

A niche can be thought of as a specialization. dictionary.comdefines a niche as “

a distinct segment of a market.”

What does that mean? Think of a niche as a subset of a larger group. 

An example would be a baseball blog. I love baseball (Let’s go O’s!) so I’m going to have fun with this example.

Baseball is a huge topic and no one person can blog about all aspects of the game or the many levels on which the game is played. If baseball is the topic, then when we start looking for niches within baseball you could start with play levels: 

recreational youth baseball

recreational adult baseball

high school baseball

college baseball

minor league baseball

major league baseball

baseball in other countries other than the United States

That still leaves a lot to talk about. Within each of those topics is potential for more market segmentation or a way to divide the topic itself further. We do this because it is easier for you to gain readers and subscribers and, ultimately, to monetize, if you have a narrow niche. So, let’s keep going.

Let’s choose recreational youth baseball.

Any little league sport is going to require parents to spend money on everything from camps, gear, private instruction, and travel. You don’t want to cover all of that. So, let’s pick instruction.

For this you can cover camps, private instruction or coaching, as well as provide your own tips and techniques. You can also include reviews of local services and gear reviews.

Did you know we can niche down further?

We can further narrow this blog down by player position or coaching. That’s right! The blog couple be for the player, but it could also be for coaches. In this example, it’s for the player/parent. 

I will choose the position of catcher.

So, what I have at this point is a blog about recreational youth baseball for catchers.

Anyone looking for information on this would be heading to your blog and your authority status will increase because you’re the expert now.

Authority and expert status are great, and you’ll be able to grow an audience faster, but you must be interested in the topic for your blog. Don’t pick something just because it’s profitable. If you don’t like it, you won’t be able to sustain it.

What if you’re not sure? Well, you can always change it later. You won’t be the first to start down one path and then choose the one best suited for you. If you don’t like what you’re doing change it! This is your business and you are in control!

When you monetize your blog, you will consider your new niche and recommend products and services which serve that niche.

Do not try to be everything to everyone. Do yourself a huge favor and niche down from the beginning.

What’s your niche? Leave a comment below and let’s see if we can help niche you down further!


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